Why I Love Fixing Houses

Why am I good at fixing houses? I could tell you stories for hours. It depends on how far you want to go back. I can remember helping my dad fix things around the house from an age of five. I wanted to be just like him. I had my own toolset that I would carry around from job to job. 

1992 photo of TJ and dad


We repaired our leaking faucet together, we built garden beds all the way around our house. We built Mom a 360 artist desk with storage cabinets, organizational shelves, and a little trash can chute too. We had a tree growing in the middle of our deck and it was huge. So, every few years we would go under, cut out the supports, and build a new support box around the tree to rebrace the deck. We fixed our roof leaks as they came and I learned how to safely walk on a roof overtime. I learned the reason why you want to cut the limbs back away from the house. I learned a lot through the years but the most valuable lesson I ever learned was to, at least, try. 

You have to gain experience somehow and I learned that the best way to gain experience is to pick up the tool and start doing. Nowadays we have YouTube for just about everything and if you don’t know how to do something, there’s always someone else who can give good advice. Back then we had TV shows like This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop. I absolutely loved watching those shows, watching them take on various projects. They always had the best tips for getting stuff done. As time went on and I got more jobs under my belt, I started to develop a love for carpentry. My favorite thing to do was build a deck because at the end of the day you knew what you did and there's something to be said for that. You can stand back and see your product. You know as well as I do, nothing looks better than a brand new deck, am I right?

Every summer we would fix people’s rotten soffit problems, we would add a covered porch to the back of someone's house, we would fix a small electrical problem, or change out a whole panel, We would work all over the Birmingham Alabama area. I remember going to everyone’s houses before we all had cell phones and Google Maps. We used an old Jefferson County Map Book which had every ZIP Code and street address in Jefferson county. We would get in the truck to go to the next job and I was in charge of navigation. Start with the ZIP Code, find the neighborhood on the grid, pinpoint the street, and get us there. We were a good team. 

We would place friendly bets with each other. “I bet this will happen before that” type of stuff. I quickly learned that Dad never took a bet he couldn’t win. One time he bet me that I couldn’t go the entire meal without getting jelly on my shirt. We were eating breakfast and I promptly leaned over the table to finish my biscuit. I happily took the bet not knowing that I already had the jelly on my shirt before the bet was ever made. I got him back for that, though. We had a pair of those hand clamp type exercise tools that was supposed to increase your grip strength. You squeeze them and let them go then squeeze them and let them go. Anyways, I wrapped a ton of rubber bands around the bottom of mine while he wasn’t looking and said hey you wanna see who can squeeze this for the longest? I was around ten years at the time so he happily took that bet...

Over the years we fixed a lot of problems for people. We've made a lot of repairs and made a lot of people happy. We calculated recently that we’ve executed over 16,000 contracts. When I hear that number I’m amazed and what that means. We’ve helped people achieve a lot of goals. 

now TJ and dad

Today, as I take over this business, I’m more focused than ever on helping as many people as we can achieve their goals. If you live in the Birmingham area and find yourself in need of someone you can trust. Trust in me.