Best Bathrooms Trends in 2021

Are you looking to renovate a bathroom this year? Before you get started, let's look at some of the top trends. 

With people spending more time in their homes, we see the need to create spaces for relaxation and beauty. Over the years, our growing team of professionals has seen many changes in design and requirements for different home areas, and we're excited to bring you some of the top trends in Bathrooms for 2021.

1: Nude or neutral colors are a must this year! 

After all the chaos that the new normal has caused us, going back to some basics in color is certainly a trend we can get behind. These colors bring the beauty of the outside into your home, creating a calming space. One of the best ways to bring these nude, earthy colors together is with various materials such as ceramics, light-colored woods, and even sinks that bring in some outdoor elements! 

2: Textured Glass Showers

Glass doors in your shower no longer need to remind you of your grandparents' 80's bathroom! Bring some texture to the glass with ribs, smokey glass, and even wavy glass to update the look. Open-style showers have gotten much attention in the last couple of years, but with these new types of glass, textures, and even color options, you can take your shower to the next level! 

3: Matte Accents

This trend gets rid of those shiny and overly ornate faucets, towel rods, and more in your bathroom. Matte finishes bring a uniqueness that will catch everyone's attention. These matte fixtures and accents will complement that tile you have been looking at and give your bathroom a polished and elegant look without all the flash. 

4: TEXTURE is the way to go! 

We already talked about textured glass and even changing your accents' texture and finish, but what about bringing multiple textures together to create a feast for your senses? Having various types of tile, marble, metals, ceramics, and woods in any bathroom can bring your room to the next level in relaxation. This trend comes together when you choose a color range and explore every nook of that range! 

5: Vanities that mimic Kitchen Vibes

Now that we have brought in lots of texture and soothing colors... let's bring a bit of your kitchen into your bathroom. This trend parallels the kitchen island. While having an island in your bathroom might seem a bit crazy, an island can bring your space to a spa-level quality and feel. 

6: Create a destination you can't wait to explore each day

We are all missing our spa days and those days of self-care and pampering. Why not create that in your own home? When creating your oasis, make sure to choose some natural textures and materials to bring the zen qualities you are missing into your space. Having a central focal point will also help to soothe your senses and bring the spa home to you. 

2021 can be your year to make some changes to your personal spaces. We can work with you to create a relaxing and beautiful bathroom space today! Call or message us today and let us be part of your renovation journey. 

Our guarantee of professionalism and dedication to our craft will have your home looking incredible.  

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